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We're not a training company that offers courses on everything under the sun and simply drops public speaking and presentation skills training on to the list as an afterthought. We don't do anything else. As a wise man once said, 'Everyone is a specialist nowadays; generalists are just specialists in being superficial.'

“Honestly it was the best class/workshop I’ve ever attended.  I see no room for improvements.  Nick was amazing on how he delivered the material and how he was able to keep everyone’s attention for the duration of the 2 day course. Kudos to Nick!– John Chomko, McKesson

Whether you have a heart-stopping fear of speaking before an audience, are new to this and looking to learn some basic skills to enable you to make more effective presentations, or an experienced presenter looking to take your skills to the next level, we have the training for you, delivered by someone who knows your world.

Throughout this website you'll find effective public speaking and presentation skills tips, techniques and articles which will help you, as well as a wealth of examples on how to use rhetoric to make your presentations effective, different, impactful and memorable. We can provide an in-house presentation skills/public speaking course for your company or Executive Coaching for individuals or small groups on request. We also run presentation skills and public speaking courses for the public in the UK and Canada.

Click on one of the three boxes below to see more specific details about a particular type of public speaking training. To arrange an in-house presentation skills or public speaking training course for your company, contact us without obligation to discuss your requirements.

In-house courses

Presentation skills & public speaking courses held on your company premises, just for your team. The most cost-effective way of training a group of employees.

Open Courses

Presentation skills and public speaking training courses for those who want to take their existing presenting skills to the next level and stand out from the crowd.nn

Presentation training course content

Executive Coaching

Public speaking and presentation skills training for those who require intensive one-to-one coaching for a specific event such as a major conference.



"How to open a presentation or speech with impact!

3.5-hour online course giving you SEVEN powerful, memorable ways to open up.

32 bite-sized videos so you can learn whenever and wherever you like. You can 'binge watch' or consume it 5 minutes at a time, depending on your schedule.

Watch the course preview video to the left for more information.


SIX REASONS why you should select us for your training:

"I learned so much over the 2 days. I've already been integrating many of the tactics into my presentations and can see and hear the difference in how I come across to my audience" ... Kristin Hunt, FirstAm

Why should you book your presentation skills/public speaking training with us rather than one of the dozens of other companies that are on the web providing presentation skills training? Here are SIX good reasons:

  • My approach is different. I teach Whole-Brain Presenting™. Many presenters have a solid, well-prepared, businesslike message to deliver but fail to connect with the audience because their delivery is dry, predictable and boring. Others are exciting, interesting and motivational but you can’t remember a thing they said ten minutes after they sat down.

Both types make the mistake of speaking/presenting in a way that engages only half of their audience’s brains - either the left side (i.e. in a logical, factual, structured manner) or the right (in a creative, emotional way). The result is a presentation or speech that unsurprisingly often fails to achieve its objectives.

Whole-Brain Presenting™ engages both sides of the brain by creating a blend of the best aspects of both styles. It’s logical, structured, organised and methodical while also being creative, exciting, emotional and memorable.

  • I'm not a performing arts 'luvvie' who wants to help you get in touch with your inner child to help you express your emotions - I'm a professional speaker. I've even been called 'The speakers' speaker.'
  • I'm not a former actor full of theory about how drama skills can be applied to the business world - I spent 15 years in sales and marketing with big, blue-chip companies in a variety of roles, from salesman to Sales & Marketing VP. I've done the time. I bear the scars. I know your world. I know what it's like to present the November numbers to the Regional Sales managers on a wet Friday afternoon in a motel meeting room in Boise Idaho.
  • I'm not someone who's only ever 'talked the talk' in the classroom like so many other presentation training coaches. I've walked the walk. I've done it for real. I've spoken to over 100,000 people over four continents in the last five years alone, (the largest audience was almost 5,000, the smallest was 12). I've made (literally) hundreds of business presentations, just like the ones you make.
  • The number of places on a 2-day effective presentation skills class or seminar is restricted to 8, which means you get plenty of personal attention and hands-on training.
  • We believe we offer the best value for money presentation skills training in the industry.

Amazing money-back guarantee

Just in case you have any doubt that my Whole-Brain Presenting© public speaking & presentation training courses do what I claim, I want to make an unconditional, cast-iron, no-quibble guarantee. Here it is:

"I am so sure that you'll feel tenfold more confident about public speaking or presenting as a result of attending one of my presentation skills training classes that I'm willing to give you a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. If you don't feel you've had VALUE FOR MONEY, just say so and I'LL REFUND IT IMMEDIATELY! You won't have to explain why you feel that way and I won't even try to change your mind. YOU will be the sole judge of value. AT ANY TIME (even if it's in 10 years' time) you can choose to ask for your money back. Either you'll get value for money (which is great), or you'll get a refund. So there really is no risk, or reason not to INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE"

Click here to hear the guarantee from Nick IN PERSON

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