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How your body language can change your mental state

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Physiology is our posture, breathing, muscular tension, facial expressions, etc. As an exercise, stand up and think how you would stand if you were really uncertain about being able to do something. What would your posture be like? How would you carry your shoulders? What would your facial expression be like?

How does this make you feel? The probability is that you are beginning to feel uncertain and unconfident. Exaggerate this physiology for a moment. Really let those shoulders droop. Hang your head and look at the floor. Let your upper body sag. Now while holding that posture, I want you to shout out, 'I feel really, really positive!' as loud as you can. Really try to feel positive as you do so.

What happened? Did you feel positive? I'll bet you didn't. Because it is impossible to feel positive while you have negative physiology.

Now stand as if you were hopeful about being able to do the same thing. How would all of the above change? You are probably standing straighter with better posture. Maybe your chin is lifted a little, with a set to your jaw. Perhaps you are nodding your head as if to say, 'Yes, I can do this.' How does that make you feel? Has it changed?

Finally, stand as if you were certain you could do it. What is your physiology like now? Now you are ramrod straight like a soldier on parade. Your chest is puffed out. Perhaps you are bouncing slightly on the balls of your feet like a boxer. Positive adrenalin is beginning to course through your body. There is a determined set to your jaw, a steely glint in your eye. A confident smile plays across your lips.

How do you feel now? I'd bet a hundred pounds to a penny you feel very positive and confident. NOW, while holding this positive physiology, say ' I feel really, really nervous' and try to sound as if you mean it. You can't, can you? It's IMPOSSIBLE to feel nervous or depressed while you stand like this.

So the next time you feel nervous, you can alter it just by standing up straight, squaring your shoulders, unfolding your arms and smiling!

Other confidence exercises:

Changing States exercise

Positive Visualisation exercise

Scrambling exercise

Swishing exercise

Confidence Circle exercise

All these exercises are included in my Whole-Brain Presenting Ebook.

If you feel you need more, we can arrange private, one-to-one sessions where we can improve your confidence using NLP and basic hypnosis during an executive coaching session.

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