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Typical content::

  • Tips and techniques that professional speakers usually prefer to keep to themselves (keeping them a secret builds the 'mystique' surrounding public speaking and makes it seem harder than it really is - helps keep those fees nice and high!)
  • Anecdotes about famous historical figures, politicians and sports personalities that you can use straight away to illustrate serious points and enliven your next speech
  • The words and insights of the wise (or the funny) are great to use as openers and are just as good as closes. You'll get quotations that will make you sound wiser than Einstein, wittier than Groucho Marx and wordier (OK, OK, I couln't think of an appropriate word beginning with 'W' - what do you want, blood?) than Shakespeare
  • Speeches that have been in the news that use some of the rhetorical techniques contained in my Ebook or that I consider to be particularly good (or bad)
  • Interesting, unusual or just plain weird words that you can use to impress your audience

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