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Take your presenting skills to the next level from the comfort of your home or office

Imagine how it would feel being able to present or speak in public with complete confidence in a way that held your audience's attention and burned your message indelibly into their minds.

Book cover

For a long time I received dozens of emails from people who were unable for some reason to hear me speak in person. A lot were from abroad, many didn't have the time, some worked for small companies that didn't have enough employees to warrant an in-house seminar, while others worked for large organizations but couldn't persuade their bosses to pay for one.

And they all asked me the same thing. Since I rarely give public seminars, was there any other way they could access my material?

At the time, there wasn't. But I stopped doing this just for money a long time ago. Sure I still like the cash, but my motivation nowadays is just as much to help the millions of people out there who were once like me. Not just people who suffered from public speaking anxiety, but also competent speakers who want to ramp their skills up a gear.

People who could be confident, dynamic, interesting, entertaining speakers ...... if they only had access to the information, tips, techniques and secrets I've accumulated.

So I sat down with my seminar material and over many a midnight oil-burning session, put it in a format that would make it accessible to anyone. Regardless of where they lived, regardless of what size company they worked for, regardless of how much time they had available. I wrote the Whole-Brain Presenting Ebook.

"Until I read the chapter on how to open a speech, I never realised how 'safe' and uninspiring my talks were. Just that one chapter completely turned my approach on its head" .... Sarah Molloy, Microsoft

It represents TEN YEARS of my experience in presenting and public speaking.

TEN YEAR'S worth of hard graft, learning what works and what doesn't.

Acceptance Mark

TEN YEARS of trial and error.

TEN YEARS of making the mistakes and taking the knocks.

TEN YEARS of speaking to tens of thousands of people across four continents.

Although I was very confident in virtually any other scenario, there was a time when the very thought of public speaking or presenting to an audience filled me with horror - my throat would go dry, my knees would knock and the colour would drain from my face - to the point where I worried it might affect my career (to see how confident you are at public speaking, take the Confidence Test).

So I decided to do something about it, and I actively studied the art of public speaking. Now when I decide to study something, I'm the type of guy who really gets into the subject; I don't do things by halves.

I read every book on the subject I could get my hands on (including the ancient Greek works on rhetoric), listened to recordings of yesterday's great orators like Churchill, JFK and Martin Luther King and went out of my way to watch today's best speakers, such as Steve Jobs and Barack Obama in action.

"Tremendous, I have already read the first couple of chapters and it is superb and has really challenged my thinking on giving talks and presentations.  It is going to be a great asset to my library and personal development" .... Andy Craven UK

Professional Secrets

But I didn't stop there. As my confidence grew, I started to seek out those speakers and pick their brains, trying to discover the 'secrets' that I knew must exist somewhere.

The more I listened, the more I realised that what I was being told was priceless - simple, easy-to-master secrets, tips and techniques that made all the difference between being an amateur and a pro.

Click here for a message from Nick

And which could turn anyone into a confident, articulate, interesting, persuasive and entertaining public speaker.

It worked beyong my wildest expectations and after a while I left an extremely well-paid job in Sales and Marketing to become a professional speaker (see About Nick).

And then I discovered something. Whenever I met people socially and told them what I did for a living, they would look at me in amazement and say, 'Oh my God, I couldn't do that - I'm terrified of public speaking', or ' Giving presentations is the worst part of my job'.

"As someone who isn't a born comedian, I found the chapter on using humor effectively invaluable. I don't think I'm quite ready for a tour of the comedy clubs yet, but now I can drop humor into my presentations without any self-consciousness, knowing I'm doing it right" .... Alan Maranto, IBM

As I became more and more well known on the speaker circuit, I started to think about the millions of people out there who were as nervous as I once was, who deserved the opportunity to banish that public speaking anxiety and who could fulfil their true potential if they only had the information I had been privileged to have access to.

So over the next twelve months I distilled all the wisdom and experience I had accumulated into my Whole-Brain Presenting program, designed to enable you to learn within hours what I took years to master.

Acceptance Mark

Now you could learn by trial and error - making hundreds of presentations and learning from the mistakes you make along the way, reviewing each performance and identifying what went well and what went wrong. But doesn't it make sense to skip that long, difficult learning curve if you have the opportunity?

I also give tons of great advice on how to overcome nerves and anxiety. Glossophobia (fear of speaking in public) is the most widespread phobia in the world, and even those of us who are experienced speakers suffer from it to a degree.

What many people don't realise is that the physiological symptoms they experience such as sweaty palms, shaking legs, dry throat, queasy stomach aren't actually caused by fear at all, but by adrenalin!

Once you understand the mechanics of an Adrenaline Attack (i.e. what happens when adrenaline floods your body), you'll be better equipped to deal with it by turning it to your advantage and using it to deliver a great speech or presentation.

It's also packed with great tips and exercises from the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming that will enable you to give yourself a confidence boost wherever and whenever you need one. Imagine having a 'confidence pill' you could pop whenever you needed to. Learn these techniques and you will have control over your mental state. It's like being able to pop a confidence pill. If this doesn't help you with public speaking anxiety, nothing will.


Let's look at what's included:

  • The 7 key elements of any great presentation or speech (you might be able to get away with only having five of them,
    Book cover
    but any less and you will be mentally filed by your audience under 'F for forgettable').
  • The 'Holy Trinity' of public speaking (preparation, skills and technique and confidence), and how all three are vital to your success.
  • The top tips, techniques and secrets professional speakers all use but like to keep to themselves (you would NEVER pick these up on your own without spending years on 'the circuit').
  • The biggest single reason amateur speakers crash and burn (and this is so AVOIDABLE you wonder why anyone ever does it).
"I must have read half-a-dozen books on public speaking, but Nick's is far and away the best I've come across. I learned things nobody had ever told me about before. Stuff you just would never think about on your own".... Steve Barrows, Barclays Bank
  • Why you can NEVER over-prepare.
  • How to write your presentation from scratch!
  • The biggest single mistake speakers can make during their opening, without even realising what they are doing (this mistake loses your audience right from the start - from then on, everything is an uphill struggle)..
  • How to grab your audience by the throat during your opening (just this chapter alone is worth the price; sometimes I am asked, 'If you could give me ONE tip on public speaking, what would it be?' My answer is always, 'Have a great opening!' I'll tell you SIX great ways to do this).
"I've been scared to death of speaking in front of an audience ever since high school, and I honestly never thought I'd find anything that would cure me. Now I understand the effects of an adrenalin attack, I can control my nerves and actually use all that energy by chanelling it in the right direction. I don't think I'll ever enjoy public speaking, but I no longer panic when I have to do it. Nick promises to make you ten times more confident. I'd say I'm twenty times more so " ......Sandra Middlemass, BAE SYSTEMS.
  • How to project a powerful, confident image by controlling your body language (99% of our gestures are unconscious, which means that most of the time you have NO IDEA what message you are sending).
  • How to double your message's effectiveness by appealing to your audience's emotions (this is POWERFUL; engaging both sides of the audience's brains acts as a multiplier).
  • Using your voice to its full effect (I'll explain how to vary volume, pace, intonation and inflection to multiply its effectiveness exponentially).
  • How to use humor without trying to be a comedian (even down to minor details like how to arrange the seating to maximise laughter).
"Nick's experience leaps out at you from every page. As a guy who's seen the movie, read the book and bought the T-shirt, he's definitely qualified to talk to us about this. I was a tad cynical when I bought it (I've bought things that promised more than they delivered more times than I care to mention), but I'm a complete convert. I cannot recommend the manual highly enough" ...... Brian Costain, Shell Oil
  • How to use stories to enrich your message and make it more memorable.
  • The incredible power of movement (I'll explain why you should NEVER stand behind a podium or lectern if you can help it).
  • The importance of making friends with your audience before you start to speak, and how to do it.
  • How to structure your talk so that it flows logically (this leads the audience irresistably by the nose towards your objective, but is something most speakers pay scant regard to).
Acceptance Mark

".... his combination of time spent in the trenches and informal writing style makes this book not only powerful in content but also incredibly easy to read and understand. I am a fairly expeienced speaker and wondered if there would be a lot in it for me, but I can honestly say I learned more from it than any other book I've read on the subject" ...... Mark Fergusson, BT
  • Why you are the star of the show and your visual aids are there to support you (not the other way around).
  • How to deal with Q&A sessions fearlessly, and how to handle difficult (but sometimes unavoidable) questions.
  • Dealing with catastrophes (i.e., what to do 'when things go bad').
  • How to end with a close that is both powerful and effective (most speakers finish with a whimper, but next to a great opening, a powerful close is the most important part of your speech - I'll show you FIVE ways to close with a BANG).
"You would have to spend years speaking on what Nick calls 'the circuit' to pick up a fraction of the tips in here. Invaluable" ...... Lesley Santos, Royal Sun Alliance

This is NOT some lightweight, double-spaced, huge font, massively-margined, fifty-words-to-a-page pamphlet masquerading as a book. It's a 386 page, 85,000 word serious work that can take your skills to the next level. I'm so sure you'll benefit from it that I back it with a 100%, no-quibble, iron-clad, lifetime guarantee. If you don't feel you're a better, more confident speaker after putting its contents into practice, I'll refund your money!

I used to add two bonuses to the Ebook, namely ebooks on body language and axing anxiety, but I've included them in revised edition of Whole-Brain Presenting so you now get the lot in one Ebook.

"I saw Nick speak a couple of years ago at a conference and out of seven speakers, he was easily the best. I've always wanted to be able to speak like that and when I saw his Emanual, I couldn't buy it quick enough. My speaking ability has improved by leaps and bounds" ...... Mary Tunstall, RBOS

Even If You Don't Think This Will Work For You, ...... It Will

I know that you might be thinking, "Well, it might have worked for other people but it won't work for me ...." Listen .......... it WILL work. People aren't born a great speaker - they learn to become one. But Santa doesn't exist. You can't just 'wish' you were better at public speaking and he'll creep into your bedroom on Xmas Eve and place the ability in your stocking.

You need to do something about it.

How much longer are you going to 'wish' you were better at it and do nothing about it? If you read my material and put the scores of tips, techniques and secrets into practice, you can't NOT become better.

I've done all the hard work. I've spent ten years studying the subject, learning what works and what doesn't, taking the knocks.

Remember how in the movie 'The Matrix', whenever Neo needed to learn anew skill, he would simply "upload" the program into his head ... and he would wake up a "master"? Well, all you have to do is PLUG IN this information and start using it the very next time you present. Your public speaking skills can, literally, change overnight.

"I eagerly turn the next page, because I am learning so much.  I have actually applied the rule of three in one of my Toastmaster table topic and won the first prize! " ...... June Payne, RBC

So, How Much Does The Manual cost?

By this point you'll be wondering how much I'm going to ask for sharing all this killer knowledge with you. Well it doesn't cost anywhere near as much as it should, considering what it's about to do for your speaking ability.

Up to now, the only way access it as an individual has been to attend one of my public seminars, at a cost of £750.00 per head or sign up for one-to-one executive coaching (minimum of £1,200.00 per day depending on how many days you book).

Now we both know I'm going to discount that significantly. You might be expecting a price of £300.00 with the option of paying by four installments, possibly a bit lower at £249.00.

If I was feeling incredibly generous, maybe even £99.00.

But I'm giving it to you for the unbelievable price of £39.95 ($59.95)!!!!!!

Acceptance Mark

People say I'm crazy to do thiswhen I can charge £750.00 for someone to attend one of my public seminars. Forget the manuals and books, they say."Get them to come to your seminars!"

So why am I doing it? It's simple. They're missing the point.

You see, I know how good this material is. And I know that once you've read it you'll sign up for one of my open seminars or beat down the door of your HR department, demanding that they contact us and arrange an in-house seminar for you and your colleagues.

So I look on it as an investment. The more people read my manual, the more attend or organise a seminar.

It's my chance to show you what I know and how I can improve YOUR speaking skills (and if you choose not to give yourself an unfair advantage by keeping it to yourself, those of your colleagues). If you're a novice I can turn you into a confident, interesting, exciting speaker. If you're already an experienced speaker, I can take your skills to the next level.

And as with everything else I do, my manual is covered by my 100%, no-quibble, cast-iron, unlimited money back guarantee. If you don't feel they're value for money FOR ANY REASON, all you have to do is tell me and I'll refund your money.

Either you'll get great value for money or you'll get your money back (and still keep the bonuses for your trouble). So YOU CAN'T LOSE. It's like trying it out FOR FREE.

Sometimes people don't read things straight away, so a 3 month guarantee would, I think, be reasonable. A 6 month one might be impressive. A 12 month one definitely would be.

Mine is UNLIMITED. It has no time limit. If you want a refund in TEN YEARS, you can have one. I won't even ask you to justify your request. YOU are the sole judge of value. How can I offer this? Again, because I'm confident of the manual's content. I know that once you've read it you'll want to refer to it again and again, every time you've got a speech or presentation to deliver.

Book cover

Click the 'play' button below to hear the guarantee from Nick IN PERSON
Acceptance Mark

Nick head shot

Please don't put this off and think you can do it tomorrow. I'd hate to see you miss out and I'm sure you would too. Just think about what it will be like when you can deliver a great, knock-'em-dead speech or presentation as easily as you can walk into Starbuck's and order a cappuchino. I promise you the results you will see will astonish you and amaze your boss and colleagues. They won't know what's happened to you..

I look forward to hearing from you,


P.S. Sometimes people distrust things that make change sound too easy. They think that change and improvement have to be difficult, and that anything easy can't be worthwhile. It's the 'no gain without pain' viewpoint.

So as you re-read the above, you may begin to wonder whether this is really too good to be true, or think that it might work for others but not for you. I assure you that the ability to Speak Like A Pro © CAN be learned! I think you'll find that you'll be amazed at the progress you will make almost immediately. And with my money back guarantee, there really is no risk!

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My Whole-Brain Presenting E-Manual has just been revised and updated. It now includes all the material and content from my Body Language e-book, so you get TWO great books for the price of ONE! This is no wide-margined, big-fonted, double-spaced pamphlet masquerading as a book. It's a serious work - 386 pages and 85,000 words, all for the original price of £39.95.

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