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Creating a 'Confidence Circle'

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This is a great NLP exercise for speakers, because it uses a spatial anchor which you can take with you and use when speaking to make 'onstage' or 'in the spotlight' or 'the front of the boardroom' a place in which you feel powerful instead of anxious or nervous.

First, visualise a spot on the floor and expand it into a circle large enough for you to step into comfortably. Now do the Visualisation exercise explained above until your feelings of confidence have peaked. But instead of anchoring those feelings to a mental image, sound or touch, we are going to anchor them to the imaginary circle.

Step into the circle. Don't imagine doing this; actually step into the circle you have visualised in front of you. As you do so, imagine that circle coming 'to life'.

Imagine it lighting up and filling with your 'confidence colour' (whatever that means to you - it could be red, yellow, purple with pink stripes). Imagine it getting warmer. The circle can be ringed with lights, or one continuous fluorescent neon bulb, or a series of small fires. Imagine the circle growing wider if you want. Whatever works for you.

Let your feelings of confidence amplify and associate them completely with your circle. FEEL the confidence flowing through you when you are in there. The circle is a magical place. In it you are invincible. You are 'da man'. You are on fire. Superman is a limp-wristed, panty-waisted wuss compared to you.

Now step out of the circle and calm down. Think of something else to break your state and let the feelings of confidence ebb away. Then do the exercise again. Do it at least six times. Now visualise folding the circle in halves, then quarters, then eighths, and put it in your pocket.

Then do the exercise twice a day for the next week (remember that anchoring needs repetition for it to work), but when you start, imagine taking the circle out of your pocket, unfolding it and throwing it on to the floor in front of you.

Now you don't need to conjure up the feelings of confidence. Simply step into the circle (remember to physically take a step forward; don't just imagine it) and because it is now a spatial anchor, you will feel the confidence flow through you.

Now whenever you are about to speak in public, focus on the spot where you know you will stand, and as you are introduced, mentally unfold the circle and throw it there. See it glowing and as you step into it, you will feel that confidence.

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If you feel you need more, we can arrange private, one-to-one sessions where we can improve your confidence using NLP and basic hypnosis during an executive coaching session


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