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Tired of booking speakers who are entertaining, but you can't remember a thing they said half an hour after they've sat down, or understand how you can use what you've just heard?

Nick Skellon is a motivational speaker with a difference; he entertains and motivates but also delivers a serious business message your delegates can actually take away and use in the workplace.

see what Nick's customers say about him.

Steve Pipe

"I have seen hundreds of speakers – and spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on the very best of them. And I can honestly say that Nick Skellon is one of the most entertaining, down to earth and insightful speakers I have ever had the privilege of working with. Our delegates rated him as the highlight of our recent 14 hour conference at the NEC – and so did I. I can't recommend him highly enough." ... Steve Pipe, AVN Click below to hear Steve in person


After serving across the world as a British army officer, Nick spent 15 years in major blue-chip consumer goods companies in a variety of sales and marketing roles from salesman to Sales & Marketing Director, before embarking on a highly successful career as a professional motivational speaker.

Many claim to be unique, but he really is. Often called 'The Speakers' Speaker,' Nick is well-known for his fast-paced, energetic style and never uses a lectern, saying he has far too much adrenaline and energy to be able to stand still for long. "If you are looking for a boring, run-of-the mill everyday presentation, I'm not what you're looking for," he says. "There are plenty of speakers out there who could bore for England; I'm just not one of them."

Recently he spoke at the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management conference, one of the most sought after speaking engagements of the year (so much so that professional speakers stand in line to speak at it free of charge!). There were eight speakers on the day from both the UK and the USA and he received the highest audience ratings of any of the eight speakers on the day.

Ian Simpson

"On walked Nick Skellon, and the whole room just lit up. His style is engaging, amusing and thought-provoking and he was so impressive I made contact with him and arranged for him to run some workshops for me. They have all been universally successful and have made a real positive impact on our business" ... Ian Simpson, Ansvar Insurance Co. Click below to hear Ian in person


"... your attention to detail in ensuring your message matched our objectives was the most telling aspect!" ...Goodyear Dunlop

"The most impressive thing was the way you personalised your talk to our industry. You'd obviously done your homework" ... Carlyle Finance

Often speakers seem uninterested in what you are trying to achieve, and more concerned with delivering an 'off the peg' speech that minimises their effort and maximises their fee. Nick is different. He prides himself on understanding exactly what it is you are trying to achieve and personalises each presentation to your company, industry and conference.

He is genuinely interested in making your conference a success, and will conduct as many conference calls and do as much research as it takes to get it right. He'll ask questions about your objectives (both company and conference), your industry and your competition so he can ensure he can deliver exactly what you want on the day.

Ian Simpson

"We've used Nick on a couple of occasions and he is one of the very best speakers we have ever used .... All of our clients said this was the best talk they'd ever had. Nick's delivery is absolutely superb ... I'd recommend him to anybody" ... Colin Potter, Document Genie Click below to hear Colin in person


Nick believes that the true measure of the success of his presentations is the behavioural change that results, and they are designed to inspire his audiences to change and improve their performance. He also believes that his job is to entertain and once said he couldn't deliver a boring speech if you doubled his fee!

His amazing ability to simplify and explain thought-provoking issues whilst at the same time bringing them to life using humour (he is a Scouser, after all!) and colourful anecdotes make him both different and effective.

He has been a professional speaker for ten years and in the past five years alone has spoken to over fifty thousand people (if you want to know what they think of his speaking skills, see what Nick's customers say about him) both in the UK and internationally on a variety of business topics.

His three areas of specialisation are:

General Motivation - Nick's upbeat, energetic, humorous presenting style will have your delegates motivated for whatever objectives await them.

Competitive Strategy - If you operate in a competitive market, Nick's unique take on how to differentiate yourselves and stand out head and shoulders above the competition is not to be missed.

Service Excellence - A truly passionate advocate of service excellence, Nick will motivate your delegates to exceed your customer' expectations and go that extra mile so they are raring to go.

His most popular presentation is the unique and truly memorable 'Corporate Combat', which applies the lessons of military history to your competitive strategy.
Nick Skellon dressed in combat gear

Based on his best-selling book of the same name, it is guaranteed to appeal to both sexes and all age groups, because of its light-herated and humorous approach. It has been deliberately designed to be flexible and can be adapted to be used as a vehicle to achieve virtually any conference objective.

No matter what conference objective you might have - general motivation, a new product launch, competitor threats, customer service, the need to change, teamwork - Corporate Combat © can be personalised to deliver it. The military analogies used will be carefully selected to match your company and marketplace, and most importantly, what you are trying to achieve.

It can be delivered in a business suit or (for something a little different) in 'combats,' whichever you prefer and because of its light-hearted and humorous approach, it appeals to all ages and both sexes (not just history 'buffs').

Having encountered countless people who suffered from public speaking anxiety, Nick now provides public speaking training courses aimed at helping people to learn to 'Speak Like A Pro'©. They are designed not only to give delegates dozens of tips and techniques that will improve their delivery exponentially, but also to help them overcome their fears and lack of confidence (see Home Page and Seminar Contents).

If you don't have time for training, you can buy his Speak Like A Pro E-Manualwhich condenses the information into a 284-page, 62,000 word, easily understood format.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to his FREE weekly newsletter, packed full of public speaking tips and techniques, secrets and anecdotes, quotes and humour you can drop right into your next speech or presentation.


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